city hall redux (and more)

city hall and the sister cities i had one last walking tour pass from my los angeles conservancy membership, so i decided to go on the city hall walking tour. i had a major brain failure and didn’t crank up the iso setting when i started taking pictures inside, so not as many shots turned out as i would have liked. an excuse to go back!

after the tour, i checked out the downtown arts district farmers market. it seems a little smaller than the one near the library, but they’re just getting restarted after moving to little tokyo.

i also stopped in at the little tokyo branch of the los angeles public library, and it has an incredible interior. but i didn’t take any pictures, because i didn’t want to annoy all the people using the library.

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I love this photo. Keep 'em coming!

» Cindy (link) » january 11, 2006 10:13am

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