sometimes being dumb pays off

once upon a time last february, i went to purchase some shares in an exchange-traded fund and through my own extreme incompetence accidently ended up with shares in etf, an emerging market telecom fund. it wasn’t a lot of money, so i figured i would hang on to it for a while to see where it went and maybe it would at least recoup my transaction fees.

once you subtract out the transaction fees, it is up 19.3% as of today.

which is something i’m very happy with — but i’m also happy that gld, the fund i meant to buy into (and did), is up 20.5% over the same timeframe.

if only every one of my investments worked out so well.


that's awesome. blindfolded (not even trained) monkeys can outperform the market. i owned gld for a while but then i went old-school and bought the actual metal. (if there's a real crisis, you may not be able to access your broker.) i highly recommend A Random Walk Down Wall St. if you haven't read it yet.

» geoff » january 24, 2006 8:12am

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