the red-cross-in-the-corner thing was taken from the brian alvey weblog. (with a few tweaks. i’m not using javascript to add it to the page, and i fixed it to the corner of the window instead of the page.)

the volunteering at dodger stadium on labor day was pretty uneventful. three of us volunteers and someone from the community relations department of the dodgers organization basically just sat around out in the pavilion (under the cheap seats) and shot the breeze while watching over a water bottle that people dropped money into. everything from change to twenty dollar bills — and most of the latter came from the maintenance and vending staff.

the dodgers lost, but we couldn’t see the game from where we were. leaving the stadium, i made the mistake of going out the wrong entrance and ended up with quite a hike back to where i needed to catch my bus. other than that, catching the bus to the stadium was very convenient.

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