i was a little surprised at how different kill bill: vol. 1 and kill bill: vol. 2 were. the first is much more action-centered, and the second is more character-driven. i have to say i liked the first more — the second just had a few too many parts that were too slow. but the two movies really shine as a pair of complementary works.

my impression of the second is probably also colored by having fallen asleep during the last fifteen minutes. that never does a good thing for my impression of a film, even when it’s just because i was tired and not really the fault of the movie.


I feel it reverse. While vol. 1 is a great movie, I find vol.2 to be absolutely awsome. It's just a bit deeper, while the first is a bit too bloody. But great movies, both of them.

» Jonathan Holst (link) » september 15, 2005 1:39pm

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