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a very smart person recently told me that you’re considered a los angeles native after living here for three years. i’m not sure if i’d go that far, but i’m certainly closing the gap in having lived in the los angeles area longer than i lived in minnesota (14 years vs. 18 years).

but what really makes me think i’m going native is that i have caught myself being annoyed at how cold it is — and that has meant mid-to-low 70s this week.

for the record, i’m not a native minnesotan, either. i was born in florida.

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I've only been here (in Southern California anyway) since 1999 and I've been chilly too. We have to close our windows at night? What?! A t-shirt isn't warm enough outside in the evening? Huh?!?

I saw a cloud the other day and it's only september!


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» Ask Bjørn Hansen (link) » september 14, 2005 4:58pm

my rule of thumb is once you've been here more years than you were in the last place of residence...hence, i am now a native Angeleno and all recollection of my formative years in DC is one big blur.

» shannon (link) » september 14, 2005 5:59pm

i was born and raised here and my subjective view is that the weather in LA has changed. it rains more than it used to. the temperatures are cooler.

(do i have numbers to back this up? no. it's just my non-quantitative perspective.)

» albert b » september 15, 2005 12:09pm

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