curating the city: wilshire boulevard is a series of events organized by the los angeles conservancy on or about wilshire boulevard.

one of the main events is a self-guided architectural tour on october 2. tickets are $25 (or $35 if you’re not yet a conservancy member). it sounds much like the spring on spring event, where you find your own way between each building and they have guided tours within each of those buildings. but the span of the tours here is much longer — from macarthur park to the beach. a metro day pass is probably a good idea.

and i’m sure it is just a coincidence that wilshire boulevard: grand concourse of los angeles by kevin roderick (of la observed noteriety) was just published.


not a coincidence. wilshire is a hefty street, lots to take in at once...although once you get to BH it's really all downhill from there.

» shannon (link) » september 13, 2005 1:57pm

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