someone comes to town, someone leaves town by cory doctorow is his longest book yet, but somehow still manages to be a really quick read. i started it yesterday after finishing massive change, and just finished it.

i like this one a great deal more than eastern standard tribe, and have the feeling that is going to be clawing around in the back of my mind for a while. it is pretty supremely strange.

i really love the feeling of catching up on the books i have checked out from the library. it reminds me of going to the library was i was younger, and the way i used to just chew through books. but now that i don’t have any due dates hanging over my head, i think it may finally be time to catch up on some of the books i own but haven’t read yet.

speaking of the library, the docent training is ten weeks, starts in mid-october for six weeks, takes a holiday break, wraps up in the new year, and is currently scheduled for wednesdays during the day — they’re thinking of possibly doing it also or instead on saturdays, because they are really interested in getting some younger docents on board. and apparently not everyone is as flexible to blow off work reschedule their work day as i am.

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