bleed like me

the blood drive is still happening, so if for some reason you happen to read this in the next few hours, you can hustle on down there to give blood and enjoy the view.

and you get a hello kitty moon pie. they totally should have advertised that.

celia introduced herself to me as i was standing around not passing out. i’m losing my ability to go incognito.

the after party starts at 8pm. but i think i’ll head over to one of the last grand performances this year first. (but unless the cole’s web site lies, it closes at 10pm, so i guess i won’t be staying for much of the grand performance.)


did you actually allow yourself to be stuck with a needle?? oh, i'm so proud of you!!! the bar is open until 2am tonight as lots of people hopefully have beer coupons to redeem...i'll be strolling in around 11pm.

» shannon (link) » august 26, 2005 4:05pm

i have been bled. with a needle and everything.

i would be way more excited about the beer coupon thing if i liked beer. i also probably wouldn’t have graduated from college.

i guess i’ll have to pay for the good stuff.

» jim (link) » august 26, 2005 4:36pm

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