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friday is usually my eat-lunch-out day, and rather just grab food from the grand central market, i’m trying to expand my horizons a bit. after lunch today, i can safely say i’ve eaten where the french-dipped sandwich was invented, whether that is actually philippe’s or cole’s p.e. buffet. of the two, i think phillipe’s wins out on the ambience and food, but they’re both excellent.


Hmmm, I've always thought Phillipes french dip sandwiches tasted soggy and a little like they made a bunch of them and then just grabbed one for you. I like that I get to watch them actually make the sandwich at Coles. Ambience I'd generally call a push. -e;

» e; (link) » july 8, 2005 4:04pm

it’s been a while since i’ve eaten at cole’s, so it may be suffering in the comparison due to that. but ambience-wise, cole’s is just too much of a dungeon for lunch. but phillipe’s doesn’t benefit from being in a rather inconvenient location (for me).

» jim (link) » july 8, 2005 4:18pm

what i wouldn't give for a cole's turkey dip RIGHT NOW! yum. cole's wins, hands down.

» shannon (link) » july 8, 2005 5:12pm

For me, nothing beats Phillipe's hot mustard. That takes their sandwiches over the top. Everyone should try the lamb with blue cheese before passing judgment...

» fritzkafka » july 9, 2005 8:47pm

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