carrie is a good film to see at the hollywood forever cemetery, although the only time i was ever really conscious of being in a cemetery was when walking out.

the cinespia event was pretty packed — we ended up at the back of the crowd. the walk-in line spiraled in on itself, and it took at least a half hour from getting in line to getting through the door. the lines of cars for the free parking was also pretty incredible, and unless you happened to get a spot right by the exit, getting out was clearly an exercise in patience.

when i was walking back to the subway afterwards, the furthest away that i saw anyone parked was right near gower and de longpre. so if you happen to live right near there, and have not been to a cinespia event, you’ve really got no excuse.

(thanks to shannon for posting about carrie and providing the push for me to go to one of the cinespia showings, which are one of those things i had heard about but never gotten my act together to go.)