theatre recovery

the los angeles downtown news covers the excellent news that someone is leasing the million dollar theater and plans to host live events, as well as open a cafe in the lobby. an interesting footnote is that brady westwater, the president of the downtown neighborhood council, has been trying to get someone interested in the regent theater just a few doors down from me. i guess that might mean it isn’t totally gutted, which you might think it was based on the exterior.

(here’s a thought — if the million dollar theater starts hosting events on any sort of regular basis, there’s probably some location near the intersection of 3rd and broadway that would be ripe for a bar. perhaps the ground floor of the new pan american lofts building.)

another article this week reports about a spate of apartment buildings being turned into condominiums. i think i’d have a really hard decision to make if my building were to get turned into condos. (although with where the prices seem to be at for condos downtown, perhaps the decision would be made for me.)

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