the los angeles times reports on the new development that will be outside my window (via blogdowntown), which looks pretty cool. i do have slightly mixed feelings since it seems likely to mess up the amount of light i get in the morning, and the pretty good privacy i have now.

but the development will be good for the area. gilmore is right: a block-long parking lot is pretty dreadful. it’s not clear what is going to happen to the little park/homeless encampment at the corner of 3rd and main. i remember seeing plans at one time that would put a more permanent public (pay?) toilet there and pretty it up a bit.


Regarding the pocket park at 3rd/Main. I imagine it will remain a park, but will not remain a homeless encampment. The developers and increasing residential base in the area will not continue to allow camping there, will push for anti-loitering enforcement and will probably commission a re-do of that park.

The Medallion development will cut that corridor off from Skid Row, and I see the NoFo area (North of Fourth) becoming very expensive in the near future. Second and Third Streets are poised to take advantage of Medallion, Grand Avenue, and the Related project at 2nd/Los Angeles, along with the existing OBD, Little Tokyo and Broadway attractions.

The only monkey wrench is the LAPD HQ and facilities being plopped between First and Third along Main. That area is already suffering due to the Reagan Building - those police buildings could end up ruining the emerging neighborhood.

» Joel C » june 9, 2005 12:24am

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