music from the oc, bitch

i bought a few tracks from the itunes music store, mostly inspired by jessica coen pointing out what song was played during the funeral in the season finale of the oc.

the last isn’t from the oc, it’s just a version of “rainbow connection” that i heard a few times on the singers & standards music channel on directv and really liked.

there’s now 97 tracks in my “purchased music” listing in itunes. most of those are albums, but now that i’ve started listening to my music in party shuffle mode more often than not, i’m warming up to buying singles.


i have been looking for these songs FOREVER. i am pretty much in love with u right now. plus i am super hungover and it is the perfect song for me to mellow out to and cook some vegetable broth. thank u thank u thank u

» Danielle » july 4, 2005 10:56am

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