batman begins is surprisingly good. i hadn’t really planned on seeing it, but having heard several positive comments about it, decided to give it a shot. it was just a little bit too long, and you could have cut katie holmes out of it without really losing anything important, but otherwise it hit all the right notes. i think what really helped is that the movie is about batman — and he’s not overshadowed by the villians. it was more character driven, like the spider-man films have been. now we’ll see how long it takes them to drive the franchise into the ground again.


i enjoyed the film too. christian b. conveys all the right qualities for this kind of character: intelligence, strength, repressed anger. but katie holmes is important because she represents the almost irrational commitment to justice which any honest legal official in a city like Gotham must anchor to. she also has big beautiful eyes (and i thought justice was supposed to be blind). michael caine adds a new and much welcomed humanity and intelligence to alfred. liam neeson is evil. morgan freeman is good. rutger hauer looks like Don Rumsfeld. it all works. except ...

i really couldn't buy into the menacing "vaporize" concept. (if you haven't seen the movie, that won't spoil it.) couldn't Christopher Nolan come up with something less absurd, less awkward? it's almost as bad as that "octo" character bullshit from the last spiderman.

» albert » june 27, 2005 8:18am

Batman in general always had a few elements that appealed to me over the other mainstream comic heros. It's dark, the hero's got some issues with morality, the villians are nutcases, and it's not afraid to explore fear and other psychological aspects. Batman Begins hit all of these and managed to make it more real and gritty at the same time...a welcome change imho.

» geoff (link) » june 27, 2005 9:11am

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