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this is part of an ad that is on the wall at the pershing square station of the metro red line, and it always cracks me up. photographs of david hasselhoff are just always funny.

something i’ve thought about doing is a letters from a nut-style (or the lazlo letters-style) experiment in which i would send letters to various celebrities praising them for really silly and relatively obscure things they have done (“dear steven spielberg, i really enjoyed your acting in blues brothers, when can we expect to see you on the big screen again? i haven’t really seen much of you since then.”) and ask for a signed picture of them in return for the signed picture of myself i have enclosed — but the picture would be david hasselhoff with my name signed to it (or whatever fake name i used).

the other idea is more recent: a spoof of the huffington post called the hasselhoff post. it almost writes itself.

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