i owe some thanks.

to don, shane, scott, paul, lev, jeremy, and all the other yahoos that made this happen. they really made clear that they got the service from the beginning, and are a great trajectory for the future.

the other prospective buyers, who made the final decision a lot tougher than it could have been. there are a lot of great people and companies out there in this space, and it was good to know that i had options.

albert at happygofun for the most recent redesign of the site.

matt, dunstan, simon, and all of the other users of who helped prod me into making things better. and reminded me to keep it simple: not everyone wants an aggregator.

bob of pubsub for jumping on the feedmesh bandwagon with both feet, even if he wasn’t invited to foo camp.

dave and dan for and blogtracker, respectively, for providing the original inspiration (and data feed) for

and finally, my mom and dad for raising me right.

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