downtown los angeles is the hot new place to open a bar according to this article in the los angeles downtown news, including news that cole’s p.e. buffet has been purchased by marc smith, one of the co-owners of the golden gopher, and it is one of the three new bars he is opening in the downtown area. it doesn’t sound like many of these new places are planning on featuring live music, which is kind of a bummer. (but who am i kidding? i wouldn’t go even if they did.)


yeah, most regulars at cole's have known for a while now that these are the last days of cole's. so many rumors are flying around re what marc smith's plans for the space are, even more questions about where we'll go instead of cole's. i don't know that marc smith will put together the kind of place i would gravitate towards, but i'll probably give it a chance. in the meantime, where do we drink? king eddy? hanks? charlie o's? and will there be any live music venues close by where bands like i see hawks in la can establish a residency (and a great fan base)? i know there are many other places to get your drunk on or for live music in downtown los angeles, many of them i frequent now. but no place like cole's.

» celia (link) » june 11, 2005 5:49pm

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