is for sale

i’ve decided to unload there are more details on the site.


Er... I'm sure I represent a few people who are wondering about their privacy.

If you plan to sell the database, will this include all the user details (emails, subscriptions, etc)? I'm not sure I'd like some unknown company purchasing all of that for spamming (or other) purposes.

» Lionfire (link) » march 1, 2005 6:24pm

the privacy policy has always detailed what would happen in the event of a sale. you will have an opportunity to delete your account before any data is handed over to a new owner.

» jim (link) » march 1, 2005 6:33pm

Jim, a big thanks for running it this long, I will definitely miss it... I guess we can hope someone wants to keep it going.

» Pete Prodoehl (link) » march 1, 2005 8:04pm

Jim Winstead: "i

» Martin Jansen (link) » march 2, 2005 12:24am

Thanks, Jim. I should have checked there first.

Thanks for running for all this time. Here's hoping you get a nice purchase offer for it to make up for all that effort.

» Lionfire (link) » march 2, 2005 4:08am

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