i saw sideways last weekend, and i have to say i’m in the camp of people who thought it was good, but don’t quite understand the huge acclaim it has gotten. there were really funny parts, and i like how it ended, but the whole premise just felt flawed to me.

bendito infierno (or blessed inferno or sin noticias de dios or don’t tempt me — you have to love the triangulation of film names for particular markets) was the movie for this weekend. it is a spanish film about a struggle for a boxer’s soul between agents of heaven and hell. the movie is actually a few years old, so i’m not sure why it is back in theaters now. there are a lot of really brilliant concepts in the film, and i’m surprised that there (apparently) hasn’t been an effort to make an american version of the film. it also wouldn’t be a bad concept for a television series.

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