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hey, they finally figured out how to post some sort of notice on the site:

Note to users: While it’s been exciting to watch the number of blogs and feeds in the wild grow so rapidly, as you can imagine, this has created scaleability challenges that need to be addressed by some fundamental changes to the way runs.

Availability of the ping and cloud interfaces has been restored, but the website is going to take a few more days. However, when it comes back up, search will be re-enabled, so the website should be restored to full functionality. Thanks for being patient with us.

The team — December 7, 2005


Um. Is "the number of blogs and feeds in the wild" really growing too fast for a zillion-dollar corporation to keep up with, when five months ago it was just barely growing too fast for a single cool guy to keep up with?

» Lanny Heidbreder (link) » december 7, 2005 7:30pm

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