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the search is still down (i guess yahoo has just decided to abandon the user-facing part of the service), but you can still add a blog to your list of favorites using this bookmarklet.

it finally dawned on me i could use this to re-add the few blogs that got lost during the database mishap they had, which you can read about.. nowhere. they’ve never acknowledged it.

the next thing i need to do is write something to download my list of favorites, go out and actually check if the blogs it claims were updated were actually updated, and then generate my list of favorites with (more) accurate update information. jeremy (still) isn’t quite the blogging machine that claims he is.


And now logging in is impossible.

I sure don't blame you for this. I was elated that Yahoo! were the new owners. I sure didn't think they'd let this happen.

Actually, when the switch was first made, my knee-jerk feeling was irritation that it was Yahoo! rather than Google. But then I realized that competition is good, Yahoo! still does cool stuff, Google might become evil someday, etc etc etc.

Maybe, in retrospect, my gut instinct was more trustworthy. :(

» Lanny Heidbreder (link) » december 3, 2005 9:58pm

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