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culture clash, an “infamous chicano performance group,” will be at the central library as part of the zócalo series on december 14. you might think i’m mentioning this early, but someone beat me to it a long time ago. you can actually make (free) reservations now.

the zócalo event earlier this week at the national center for the preservation of democracy in little tokyo, with los angeles times editor dean baquet and moderated by l.a. observed’s kevin roderick, didn’t really light any fires. but baquet did make it pretty clear that he was concerned about making sure the times reclaims more of a los angeles voice.

something i don’t think i’ve seen noted anywhere else is that the new blogs from the times, like gold derby and the movable buffet, are being hosted by typepad. and they’ve got rss feeds. now if only the actually news site did.


me loves me some culture clash. they are fabulous...everyone should know about them. i've got a you???

» shannon (link) » november 5, 2005 12:18am

of course. i’ve practically got an assigned seat for these things.

» jim (link) » november 5, 2005 5:58am

that's right...i forgot your association with all things library related.

i can't wait until you start giving tours...

» shann » november 6, 2005 2:38pm

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