more on me and friends

matt haughey linked to this entry about how libraries can serve people but what interested me was the quote he pulled out: “the most important information in my daily life is, simply, what are my friends doing?”

what fascinates me about the quote is that for me, it’s simply not true. i’m not even sure i can wrap my head around what it would mean for it to be true.

obviously, friends is a topic that has been on my mind recently. what brought it to the surface was going through a box of some of my old stuff and running across pictures of my best friend from elementary school, who moved away between fifth and sixth grade (or about then). as far as i can figure, i think that is the last time i had a mutual best friend. more than twenty years ago. yikes.

my oldest friends at this point are people i worked with at knowledge adventure (about a decade ago!). that is, those are the oldest friends i have any sort of regular contact with.