i went to the zócalo la event tonight at the central library, an interview (taped for kpcc’s airtalk radio program) with michael kinsley, editorial and opinion editor for the los angeles times. it was a bit strange to see a radio talk show live (well, live-to-tape), but it was interesting. they focused a bit too much on national issues, but i guess that is really what kinsley is supposed to bring to the times. after all, an editor living half-time in seattle isn’t brought in to add more local color.

the crowd was a little too uniform in it’s politics, so the short question-and-answer period was pretty tame. the moderator did force the final questioner to get to his question (with some audience prompting). i was reminded of the question-and-answer with rep. howard berman that i went to a while ago, where a little of that moderator direction would have been a vast improvement.

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