blogs about los angeles and where they’re hosted

conclusion: when the big one hits, (most of) the blogs will survive.

(for the record, this site is hosted in los angeles, in koreatown.)


See, now, I believe our blog *should* suffer along with our users. As for the rest of those out-of-town-based interlopers ...

» mack reed (link) » september 9, 2004 4:56pm

"Out-of-town-based interlopers"? You seem to miss the fact that web hosting services can exist anywhere and be accessed from anywhere. In fact, you'll find that most website-hosting servers don't exist in the same location as their webmasters. If you must know, I live and work in Los Angeles, but happen to lease webspace from a webhost in San Diego that has servers in Houston. Based on this, I hardly think that the implication of out-of-town-based interloper is justified - it merely sounds shortsighted to me!

» Editor, (link) » september 10, 2004 11:44am

Of course ... it was ... a joke. In point of fact, I'm merely the only poor fool to have chosen an in-town host. Sorry to have been interpreted so literally.

» mack (link) » september 10, 2004 5:06pm

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