august, 4, 2004 archives

my morning exercise routine consists of 30 minutes on a lifefitness 95xi, usually in the “cascades” hill mode at level 12. (i don’t own the machine, i walk five blocks to the downtown ymca. since it is up a hill from me, that also serves as my warmup and cool-down.)

i had gone into this exercise thing with the idea that a recumbent bike would be for me, but i found it to be less than satisfying. part of it was because my right foot would often cramp up, for no apparent reason.

developer who doesn’t like star wars discovered says the star tribune. oops!

spam to published email addresses

i’ve had an email address published on a public web site for about two months, and it has not been sent a single piece of spam. the only encoding is that the @ is encoded as @.

it hasn’t received an email from anyone else, either, but that’s an entirely different matter.

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