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it’s all about the benjamins

technorati has reportedly raised some venture capital (via anil dash), but the thing that struck me is the valuation and amount of investment: $12 million valuation, $6.5 million investment. that would put the VCs in control.

i wonder if i’m being dumb for not pursuing blogging-related dollars.

charity, august 2004

southern poverty law center if you’re getting a sense of déjà vu, it is because i also gave money to the southern poverty law center in august 2003. (and if you’re really keeping track, august 2002, too.)

i think one reason i’ve been a faithful supporter of the splc is that they send what i consider to be a reasonable amount of fundraising literature, but also the really great intelligence report magazine. they are guilty of doing the silly ploy of having the forms with the donation levels that are based on your previous contribution. (so the smallest one is the same as your previous contribution, the middle one is 1.5× that, and the high amount is double.)

recently the world wildlife fund has been getting on my nerves by sending what seem to be weekly brochures for their travel program.

i took a dip into the itunes music store again, and picked up the eponymous debut album from mosquitos. i found it via salon’s music sampler. it’s a fun album, although too short. they have another coming out in october.

now i’m thinking that i may have jumped the gun in buying it from the itunes music store, though. i’ve got another growing itch to visit amoeba records.

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