august, 20, 2004 archives

laziness pays off

garden state will be playing at the laemmle’s grande 4-plex in downtown los angeles as of this weekend. and to think i had considered going to pasadena to see it.

(actually, i’ll probably end up going to pasadena anyway, although not to see the movie. that’s where my trader joe’s is, right by the fillmore station. i need fake cheese and real nuts.)

blogging downtown la

the la downtown news takes a look at bloggers in the downtown los angeles area, although the only downtown resident they featured is brady westwater. (but i guess that’s okay. the only other downtown blogging resident i know of is eric richardson.)

rss throttling

i don’t think i mentioned this when i implemented it last weekend, but ip addresses that now poll one of my scraped rss feeds more than once an hour will find themselves blocked from polling for the next hour. (the limit isn’t really quite an hour, but in that neighborhood.)

the fun part is that it is a rolling block — the second attempt before the required time has passed results in the timer resetting. when i decide to be truly evil, it will start returning an rss feed with something other than the content being requested. (right now it gives a 403 response with a simple text message.)

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