shipped 08/06/03

instead of going out to a movie this weekend, i stayed in and watched red beard to try and unclog my netflix jam. it was akira kurosawa’s last collaboration with toshirô mifune and his last black and white film, and it is a beautiful film.

i’ve restocked the top of my netflix queue with a bunch of more recent movies. clearly having a stack of foreign films doesn’t inspire me to pop in a movie on dvd very often.


one idea from that film which has always stuck with me is the idea that useful medical discoveries, innovations, techniques, etc. belong to everyone, not just the doctor/hospital which pioneered them, and a humane society can't support intellectual property rights in an important domain like human health.

where did Kurosawa ever get such a wacky idea anyway? if only he'd had the benefit of reading a Pfizer corporate report. that would have set him straight.

» albert b » august 17, 2004 4:59pm

If you have a bit of spare hard drive space then you can "have more movies out at once" ... Search for MacTheRipper if you don't already have it. :-)

- ask

» Ask Bjørn Hansen (link) » august 17, 2004 9:05pm

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