spammer fallout

one fallout effect of the ping spam i eliminated yesterday is that various search queries appear as search results on the major search engines. so now when the search page gets a referral from one of those search engines, it redirects over to the fbi. originally, i was just making them submit the search manually. but these are obviously not bright people, and they just went ahead and did the search on anyway. they really are that desperate for their free porn.

here’s a fun search that brought up a search result: “pictures of nude men in fishing waders”. in fact, it’s the top listing on google right now. (soon to be supplanted by this entry, i suppose.)

needless to say, the search engines are now excluded from the search page, and this will be a non-issue once the entries drop out of the search databases.


Perhaps you could allow searches (referred or otherwise) from logged-in users? I'd assume that most people with accounts wouldn't be looking for pants-less fishermen. Hopefully.

» Lionfire (link) » august 15, 2004 8:53pm

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