monstrous regiment by terry pratchett is another recent discworld book. if i had a daughter, i’d want her to read this sort of book. it’s a girl-dresses-as-boy-to-join-the-army story with lots of fun twists. i really should go back and read some of the early discworld books, although the story certainly stands on its own. i just feel like i’m probably missing some of the references. (but this was down in the popular library section when i was grabbing some books for my recent traveling.)


Wasn't it you who commented about missing references in "Night Watch", as well? While I've yet to be disappointed by any of Pratchett's Discworld books, "Guards, Guards" and "Men at Arms" will fill in a lot of the characters for "Night Watch". I've got to re-read "Monstrous Regiment" so I can figure out where some of those characters tied in, Pratchett's now an "in hardback" author for me (although "Wee Free Men" was written for a much younger audience, and I probably won't be buying his other juvenile stuff 'cause of that).

» Dan Lyke (link) » august 1, 2004 1:42pm

yes, i said almost the exact same thing before. i just didn’t manage to remember to look for the earlier books in the library before picking this one up.

» jim (link) » august 1, 2004 3:12pm

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