vegas, baby!

so i bit the bullet and made plans to go to vegas next week for home entertainment 2004. unfortunately, i made the decision too late to actually register for the show beforehand, so i’ll have to try my luck at on-site registration. i need to pick up some perforated business cards so i can gin up some official-looking business cards and hopefully avoid the “registrations from the public will be denied” issue.

i’ll be staying at the new frontier, which had the important qualities of being cheap and relatively close to the venetian, where the show is being held.

this seriously ups the amount of money i’ve committed to this zany backup career plan. then again, it’s still way less than i’ve spent on the server and hosting for and this site.

actually, i suppose “way less” may depend on how any gambling goes.

and i guess why i’m even considering a backup career plan is worth some explaining at some point. maybe later.

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