july, 17, 2004 archives

part of north hollywood was renamed to toluca woods. a rose by any other name would still be in the valley. i’ve wondered why north hollywood doesn’t rename itself back to lankershim, though. glomming on to the hollywood brand is just so tacky, much like the proliferation of toluca-based neighborhood names. (via franklin avenue.)

general thoughts on home entertainment 2004

i have some day-by-day notes on my laptop about the various sessions i attended, which i may post later. but overall, it was a good mid-sized conference, although i only really hung out along the edges, and didn’t take advantage of all of the things going on (partly because i didn’t spring for the all-access badge, and partly because i didn’t spend any time in the exhibitor suites).

and i find it extremely amusing that the conference grab-bag of promotional items included an adult film and a christian film.

snoopy as fine art

a year ago, i stumbled across the martin lawrence gallery at universal citywalk, and at the venetian, i also stumbled into a gallery, which had lithographs by tom everhart that are based on the peanuts characters, and are absolutely amazing. i really liked the squeeze the day suite, although all of the pieces they had on display were fantastic.

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