scoping the neighborhood

so i did what i don’t do nearly often enough,, and took a walk around downtown, mainly over towards little tokyo. i wanted to check out a few of the “video tape & dvd sales & rental” places listed in the yellow pages to make sure i hadn’t been overlooking anything.

the only one that did rentals was purely japanese films, and nearly all-vhs. (which is a little overwhelming when you don’t understand japanese at all. aisles full of vhs tapes with completely incomprehensible labels.)

the other places nearby (in that direction) are all sales. one focuses on anime and games, and the others are just part of the half-dozen or so discounters/wholesales that are part of the toy district.

there’s a few other places i need to check out in some other directions, but the market does seem to about as empty as i had suspected all along.

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