the postman by david brin was a book that i picked up on the recommendation of david harper in a comment to one of my earlier reviews. it’s a great book, a post-apocalyptic tale that shows definite echoes of its vintage (early 80s) but without feeling dated. although it sounds fairly cheesy on the surface, the idea that mail service could bring a bit of hope to a destabilized world works really well, and is nicely tied into the anti-ben-franklin writings of the inspiration for the bad guys.


It sounds like the plot (well somewhat like it) to the poor kevin costner movie from a few years back. I presume the movie is a bad take on the book?

» Harrison » june 12, 2004 6:55pm

>I presume the movie is a bad take on the book?


Fantastic book though.

Oh, hi Jim, I stopped by to download Tarsier again. :)

- matt from Homepage

» Matt S. (link) » june 17, 2004 5:05pm

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