june, 11, 2004 archives

ralphs in 2005?

this article in the downtown news about mayor hahn’s trip to new york to promote downtown los angeles mentions that the ralphs is scheduled to open next year. i guess their schedule slipped.

corporate ethics and charity

this article by michael “moneyball” lewis in the new york times addresses the issue of how public and private companies deal with the pressure to make money. it’s a great article — tying together the google ipo, a business ethics course at uc berkeley, and the charitable works of birkenstock usa.


they’re doing what are reportedly catwoman reshoots on the roof of the hellman building (across the street). they’ve got two of those really cool floating lights. (something like these.)

they’re just far enough away and high enough up that i can’t tell what is going on, but if they’re doing reshoots four weeks before the release, you can be sure it’ll be craptastic.

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