blockbuster franchising

the minimum financial requirements for a blockbuster franchise are a net worth of $400,000 with a liquidity of $100,000. a useful number to know as a benchmark.


i would like to open a blockbuster franchising in guimaraes, portugal. thank you.

» filipa alexandra fonseca silva azredo » october 1, 2004 3:37am

I would like to own a Blockbuster Franchise and I have the perfect spot, and I'm scared that the site will be taken away. How can someone who barerly has a $1000 can do something like that.

» John Elliott » january 26, 2006 8:13pm

no one in guimaraes, portugal will have enough money to rent dvds. thank you.

» alex » august 1, 2006 7:45pm

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