people using ping data

if you create a new blog, and only ping, you'll soon be visited by robots from: radio vox populi (apparently twice: once from a server at the mit media lab, and another from the media lab europe), mercubot, que pasa corporation (related to this?), ibm/sequent (which will try to fetch various filenames looking for rss or atom feeds), feedster (which will also try various filenames), and blogshares.

the only one which will fetch robots.txt is the one from the the robots from radio vox populi and ibm/sequent only identify themselves as libwww-perl.


popdex and hostmon are two more. the robot from hostmon only identifies itself as "Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/2.0final"

» jim (link) » april 4, 2004 2:05pm

and eventually googlebot will find the site. (it took 2½ days.)

only one other human being has viewed my other blog (shh!), and it looks like they just happened to hit when it was one of the most recently updated blogs. which is pretty remarkable, given how fast that blogs get rotated out of that space.

» jim (link) » april 7, 2004 8:00pm

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