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i’m rethinking my move-everything-to-td waterhouse plan, even though i’ve already opened the accounts. i’m really underwhelmed by their online site and just their overall design aesthetic. and the level of integration between the banking and brokerage accounts is pretty meager.

everbank is an online bank that also offers accounts and certificates of deposit denominated in other currencies.

my current plan is to do my banking at everbank and trading at ameritrade. i’m going to sort out the banking before dealing with ameritrade, though.

people using blo.gs ping data

if you create a new blog, and only ping blo.gs, you'll soon be visited by robots from: radio vox populi (apparently twice: once from a server at the mit media lab, and another from the media lab europe), mercubot, que pasa corporation (related to this?), ibm/sequent (which will try to fetch various filenames looking for rss or atom feeds), feedster (which will also try various filenames), and blogshares.

the only one which will fetch robots.txt is the one from the quepasa.com. the robots from radio vox populi and ibm/sequent only identify themselves as libwww-perl.

welcome to 1996

i’m only seven years late to the party, but i’ve finally set up all my mail handling to go through imap. specifically, the dovecot server, using mutt on the client, and ilohamail for web-based mail. pound provides the ssl front-end for apache.

the next steps are setting up smtp auth and creating my own certificate authority so i install it on my mac (soon to be macs) and avoid various annoying warning dialogs.

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