i’ve started writing a quick review of trading up: the new american luxury by michael silverstein and neil fiske of the boston consulting group several times, but always seemed to get interrupted by something. (i’ve also read three or four other books since finishing it that i also need to note.)

the basic thrust of the book is that there has emerged a bracket of goods and services that is both higher-price and higher-volume than the typical product price curve would lead you to believe. it gives many great examples of how businesses have tapped that trend, including victoria’s secret and callaway golf clubs. according to their research, everyone has a few categories where they are willing to “rocket,” or pay more for premium versions. divorced women lead the pack in that regard, willing to do so in as many as thirty categories. but outside of those categories, they flock to the lower-price items. this is squeezing out the middle of many categories.

an interesting, well-written business book. definitely some ideas to take into account if you’re of an entrepreneurial mindset.

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