super flat times: stories by matthew derby is the book i read earlier this year, forgot to mention here, and then couldn’t remember the name of. it is a supremely strange set of short stories set in a bleak pseudo-future. i happened to run across it when stocking up on books for my upcoming travels. (in which i overloaded on science fiction, so be prepared to see short reviews of a half-dozen science fiction books in the not-so-distant future.)


well, there's one mystery solved. Now I'm wondering if you or one of your readers can help me find something I read long ago: it was a science fiction short published before 1990 (when I read it) about a Disney animatronic character roaming aimlessly around in a post-apocalyptic Japan (I think it was Japan). I've been asking people and trying Internet searches to no avail... I don't think I dreamt it.

» fritzkafka » april 15, 2004 12:11pm

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