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one of the things i regret not doing with blo.gs is tracking the evolution of the most watched blogs. i did at least set up things so i can generate some numbers about the growth rate of blogs (about 5000 new ones per day), updates per day (about 80,000), and users (about 20 new ones per day).

(if i were able to maintain any focus at all, being more rigorous about logging data that would be interesting to graph would be a good thing to do in just about every facet of my life. where’s my focusyn?)


Hey, I've almost made it off the bottom! I can't wait until I can go back to insulting lists that include things that are only there because of duty-bound links to toolmakers (Blogger, MT, GeoURL, Haloscan, me, seems like almost every top-linked-list has a bunch).

Another thing that would (have been|be) interesting to track, if a little subjective: the percentage of the most-watched who have a really awful RSS feed. Just offhand I'd say around a third of the ones there now are unreadable through RSS, so you might as well track them through blo.gs. I wonder whether more favorites lists are being used as a web-viewed update list, rather than the as a blogroll that first put me there, since along with awful RSS, there seem to be a lot of designer sites that you're more likely to want to read in person than through RSS.

» Phil Ringnalda (link) » march 1, 2004 11:08pm

one thing that has surprised me by the list is how it differs so much from most other top-n lists of blogs. it’s definitely more of a design-oriented crowd than the usual warblogging or techblogging crowds.

i get the sense that more people use the site for tracking blogs that they want to read than for building a blogroll for their site. (there’s some that use it for both, of course. like me.)

» jim (link) » march 4, 2004 5:18pm

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