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should i add another field for a site’s atom feed, or simply rename the rss field to feed, and let people choose which format to list? adding a field would require extending the ping interface.


I'd add another field, because otherwise people won't be able to publish feeds in Atom and RSS, which they may have good reasons for.

» Martin Jansen (link) » february 7, 2004 1:30am

Go for feed.

» Marcus (link) » february 7, 2004 12:58pm

Came across your blog via my recently created site's ( logfile. I'm rather confused (as I understand a lot of folks are) as to what the benefits/disadvantages of the various RSS offshoots. I'm sure this is a big topic of blog-versation, but far as I can tell, it's all XML to me. MoveableType 2.661 automagically creates feeds for all those flavors of syndication -- but which should I chose to promote?

» Simon Leflyman (link) » february 12, 2004 6:12am

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