february, 21, 2004 archives

so i finally caught up with another geek classic and read ender’s game by orson scott card for the first time the other day. i think it is easily one of the giants among the geek classics, although some of the language and characterizations haven’t quite stood the test of time.

i can understand how the book appeals to a certain geek aesthetic with regards to a feeling of superiority, i was impressed that the book was relatively nuanced in comparison to most science fiction (and geek lit).

they’re making a movie based on the book and ender’s shadow, one of the sequels. the first draft of the screenplay was written by card, and the second draft is being worked on by the screenwriters of x-men 2. ender ages from six to eleven in ender’s game — i wonder how they plan to pull that off in the movie. (movie news via marginal revolution.)

cut loose like a deuce

neighbors of walt disney hall get blinded by the light reflecting off part of the structure because the wrong steel was used. no discussion that at street-level, the residents of those condos face a mostly blank wall. (david sucher commented on related issues, with some pictures, back in october.)

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