liz marlantes on the mclaughlin group

to assuage my guilt about the daily show with jon stewart being my only source of news and political commentary, and because i enjoy the show, the pbs version of the mclaughlin group is one of my tivo season passes.

it is a shame that the two most frequent and vocal panelists on, tony blankley and eleanor clift, are such one-note partisan hacks. i’m not sure that liz marlantes has much more to say (in particular, one of her answers to a question this week seemed to be little more than a long-winded restatement of the question), but i’m willing to endure more screen-time from her to find out.

that’s me, taking one for the team. or something.

(side note: i found pat buchanan to be a surprisingly entertaining panelist. oh, and it’s not quite true about the daily show being my only news source. i also read the week.)