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my old floor lamp is falling apart, so i’m looking at replacements. one that looks interesting is the meridian floor lamp, which is of the big-tube-of-light variety. looking at all the floor lamps at this particular online store, i am impressed at how expensive some of them are. the zig nine light floor lamp is pretty cool, but $1000 each? yikes.

a couple of months ago, i bought an unruled writing tablet with the idea that i was going to sketch at least one thing each day. that didn’t turn out so well. there’s two drawings in the tablet right now. both from that first day. so i’m restarting and redirecting the energy a little bit, and will now commit to writing or sketching something, no longer or more than one page in the tablet, every day.

in fact, let me raise the stakes a little bit. for every day i do not put something in the tablet, i will contribute $10 to reading is fundamental at the end of the month (over and above my usual charitable donations).

from time-to-time i may choose to share some of these writings or sketches. here’s the daily output for today, a little bit of writing:

The march of freedom is most apparent in the wake of complacency it leaves behind, where men fail to choose to lead lives of importance, and instead settle for a live of servitude to the church of ownership.

That and 99¢ value menus.

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