november, 16, 2004 archives

disney to make toy story 3 sans pixar. that just sounds like a colossally bad idea.

amazon has been releasing a series of short films, and this week’s is agent orange, directed by tony scott. it’s shot using a hand-cranked camera, and is really quite amazing. it is also shot at the 7th and metro station, primarily on the blue line level.

i never had much luck with the in-page movie player, and just downloaded the quicktime, which is down lower on the page.

(the first film in the series, portrait, wasn’t nearly as interesting.)


the two new albums i just got are a study in constrasts: encore by eminem and she like electric by smoosh (the latter discovered via d. keith robinson). buy the smoosh album now. make your own call on the eminem album — i assume that you have discovered whether you like his music or not by now.

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