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today’s birthday

“You actively expand your mind this year, which in turn expands your finances, your love life and your network. So indulge in your passionate escape this month and next. Pursuing your hobby brings an influx of new blood to your social circle. In December, a job opportunity makes you a leader. Love signs are Gemini and Cancer. Your lucky numbers are: 6, 20, 52, 55 and 28.”

this new scientist article on people embracing their asexuality reminded me of someone i used to work with who joked about being asexual. she got married a few years after that.

i saw maria full of grace earlier today. it came back for a return engagement at the laemmle grande 4-plex, so i took that as a sign that i should go see it this time. it was an okay film, saved from being a boring film by the performance of catalina sandino moreno as the maria in the title. it was good to see a film about the drug trade that didn’t really glamorize it.

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