october, 16, 2004 archives

i've been thinking it would make sense to just scan all of my personal records and have them stored on computer, rather than having folders full of receipts and such. with a little bit of open-source ocr software thrown at it, it could even be indexed.

it’s just an idea, though. it’s about as likely to get done as all of the other bits of data collection and reporting i’d love to do. i just recently got around to writing the little perl script to pull data from yahoo! finance and tell me how my investments are performing.

the zed word

shaun of the dead finally broke the dry spell at the downtown laemmle. i have to admit i was a little disappointed, but not much. if i were a bigger fan of zombie movies, i would probably have been ecstatic.

here’s an itunes annoyance. why can’t i set the in and out times for tracks in a playlist without editing it for the track in the itunes library as a whole? i’m not usually a playlist person (i tend to listen to albums in full), but i thought it might be fun to put together a playlist and give away some copies (on cd). i’d like to tighten up some of the between-song space, but the interface to do so is way too limited.

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