philippe the original vs. cole’s p.e. buffet

who really invented the french dip, and who does it better now, is the question about these two downtown restaurants. i haven’t tried either yet, although a number of people have told me to check out philippe’s. because it is over by union station, it is a little more out of the way for me. cole’s is just a couple of blocks away.


I've been to Phillipe several times and love their sandwhiches, but it is the spicy mustard that makes them what they are (to me, anyway...). I've heard nothing but good things about their homemade salsa served with breakfast. I haven't tried Cole's yet. What's the closest subway stop? Anyway, it's all mad cow to me.

» fritzkafka » january 20, 2004 1:29pm

cole’s is near the pershing square station. philippe the original is close to union station, of course.

» jim (link) » january 20, 2004 1:51pm

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